LED Countdown (Timers)

LED Countdown (Timers)

Countdown clocks give pedestrians or drivers the remaining time red or green signal
period.So drivers the remaining adjust their speed to pass in intersection.Countdown clocks is directly connected to red or green signal lamp of the traffic section.

Four wire connection:220V phase,zero,red and green signal.

  • -Long and Reliabble Life Time
  • -Stable Light Output Between -25 grader C and +50 grader C
  • -Withstand high level of mechanical shock and vibration
  • -IP-55 Housing,Withstand weader elements,wind,rain,snow,sand,sunlight

Compatible with the environment:Sensor for an outside illumination and an automatic easy adjustment of the brightness in the range from 100% by direct sun shining to 20% by work in the night without electric street-lighting.

Тechnical specifications

TRS-CD180  TRS-CD110
 Digital Height  180 mm 110mm
 Overall dimensions Height :370mm
With :360 mm
Height : 280mm
With : 280 mm
Pawer Comsumption  16W nominal  8W nominal
 Pawer Demand 185-260VAC





Temperature: in the range of  -25 grader C and +50 grader C 

обратни броячи за светофари

Humidity : Relative humidity range of 0% – 95%

MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Housing Polycarbonate Isolation

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